Technical Food Sales Incorporated - The Recipe for Your Success

INGREDIENTS – Sweeteners

Cane Sugar

Liquid Sucrose, Invert

Tank Trucks, Drums

Granulated Sugar

Bulk, Trucks, Totes, (50 lb. Bags)

Large Grain Sugars

Sanding to Standard Granulations

Brown Sugar Light or Dark

(50 lb. Bags)

Confectioners' Sugar

6X, l0X, 12X, Totes, (50 lb. Bags)


Drums, Pails

Specialty Sugars

Fondant Sugar, Brownulated, Set & Match
Icing, Molasses Granules, Honey Granules,
Freshvert, Invert

Corn Syrup


(Drums or Pails) 36DE, 42DE and High


(50 lb. Bags) 42DE, 36DE, 24DE
Maltodextrins 15DE, 5DE


Regular, Anhydrous and Agglomerate


All Floral Sources and Color Grades

(5 Gallon Pails, 55 Gallon Drums,
3200 lb. Totes, Tank Trucks)

Maple Syrup

Regular, Light or Amber Color

Concentrated Maple Syrup (Medium-Dark Color)
Intensified Concentrate Maple Syrup (Dark Color)
Granulated Maple Sugar (Chunks, Fine and Extra Fine) 100% Pure.
Packed in 60 lb. Pails, 610 lb. Drums, 20 lb. Cartons)

Natural Sweeteners

Deionized Fruit Concentrates (Pineapple, Apple, Pear, Agave Nectar)

High Intensity